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MAY 24 – 30






As we get ready for our trip to “Rolling Thunder,” here is a ride agenda, to review prior to departure as well as have on the ride, in the event of separation for any reason along the way, going or returning.  There are some changes from last year’s!




RIDE AGENDA:       * K.S.U. – is - Kick Stands Up  - and rolling out! Also, please remember that while many of us have tanks that allow us to ride farther . . . we can only ride as far as our group’s smallest tank.  Thank you.




WEDNESDAY:  May 24th   If you have a military I.D. BRING IT!  Olney, IL to Corydon In 138 Miles


  • 1530 – Depart Moto Mart Olney for Road Ranger Grayville Fuel Stop, ETA 1425.
  • 1615 – Depart Road Ranger for Corydon Hampton Inn, 105 Miles, and ETA 1540. Stop for night.
Our hotel accommodations in Corydon IN are as follows: Fuel Here on own.


Hampton Inn, Corydon IN, Turn right off I-64, hotel on left and can been seen from the exit. Ph # 812-738-6688 - POC April - room block Rolling Thunder, IL 3, Rate $102 plus tax. I have 16 rooms blocked, deadline to make reservations is 4/24/16.




THURSDAY: May 25th  


 ·       0800 – KSU - Depart Corydon to Exit 43 on I-64E Loves Gas Stop (64 Miles)


·         0905 – Arrive Exit 43, 1st Gas Stop. Pick Riders as Required


·         0930 - Depart Loves for Exit 133 I-64E KY (90 Miles).


·         1045 – Arrive Exit 133, Morehead KY, BP/Subway


·         1115 - Depart BP, (92 Miles)


·         1245 – Arrive Exit 34, I-64E, Hurricane WV (Gas/Lunch)  


·         1345 – Depart Hurricane, 95 Miles


·         1530 - Arrive in Beckley WV (95 Miles).  Take Exit # 44


·         End of Day one – 339 Miles       E.T.A. –4:00 pm EST


·          I-64E will bear right and run together with I-77 in mid Charleston.  Will need heavy riding focus in this area!


·         ** $2.00 to get on Toll Road & $2.00 to get off Toll Road! Toll price was from last year.  Will update it if I get through there in Feb.** (Right after Charleston WV) Approx. 25 miles on toll road




Our hotel accommodations in West Virginia are as follows:  (Fuel prior to check in)!


Hampton Inn Beckley-Exit # 44, Harper Rd.  Turn Right off exit & will be visible.


110 Harper Park Dr.  Beckley, WV 25801.  Ph: (304) 252-2121  P.O.C. is Mitchel


*Please call to put on your credit card as soon as you can. Reservation Code at the Hampton is IL 3.  Your deadline to do this is C.O.B. Wednesday May 11th.   - Rate $109.00 + tax


* We will be eating at the Texas Road House in Beckley (walk from hotel) if you would like to join us we will make reservations on arrival. Will need a head count.


 FRIDAY: May 26th


 ·       7:00am KSU - Depart Beckley to Exit 14, I-64E, VA (Covington) (84 Miles).  This route through
      the  WV Mountains when the sun is coming up is absolutely gorgeous  


·         Exit 227, VA I-64E & I-81N (75 Miles).


·         Exit 291, I-81N (Toms Brook) (65 Miles)    E.T.A. – 11:30am


·         Toms Brook, VA to Tyson’s Corner Mall Vienna VA on I-81N to I-66.  (81 Miles)


·         **We will take I-66 to US Rt 50 then VA 110 to VA 1, turn left on 23rd and immediate right on Clark St.  MUST BE CAREFUL! (Check into hotel mid afternoon & decide to relax or go into city & be tourists)


·         End of Day two – 312 Miles.   (Legion Riders will break off at 66/50)

Our hotel accommodations in Crystal City
are as follows:


 Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport- 2799 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA, USA 22202 - Tel: 703-418-1234 - Rate $119.00 - Group Code is Rolling Thunder – Reservation by April 25th


Friday night

9:00pm - Candle light vigil at The Wall  

SATURDAY:  May 27th  - (All times & items today are approximate and flexible with attendance optional)


·         8:30am  Head to downtown (Constitution, Ave.) to visit bikes, Arlington National Cemetary, the
      “Wall,” booths at Thunder Alley (bring money) & sight see.


·         See message boards for additional activities


 SUNDAY: May 28th


 ·         06:00am – Depart hotel for run to the Pentagon North lot.


·         12:00 or so – Depart Pentagon for parade on Constitution Ave.






As on past ride the group tends to split up and make their own way back.  I will be going back via the southern route anyone is welcome to ride back with me. I have not blocked any rooms for the return trip. I have provided the phone numbers for the traditional return routes. I have no rooms blocked make your reservations early.






 Our sweep, (Tail Gunner), will be in contact with lead throughout the ride to make it as safe a run as we can.  As much as is possible “buddy parings” should be with people you are comfortable with and know.    Listed gas stops are approximate depending on the size of the smallest gas tank.  If possible we may go further than some of the listed stops.






  • With this many riders we will not be able to easily or safely pull to the shoulder or back on the road.  As such, we will use the “buddy” system during this run.  We will pair off in two’s and if your buddy has to pull over for any reason, you need to pull off with him.  You should have your agenda with you so you can call to let one of us know your status and where (what stop) you will plan on catching up with us if at all possible.  That is what the telephone numbers and planned gas stop exits are listed for.  We will make sure all riders have their buddies prior to departure.


  • We Plan on 100 mile (give or take a few) stops combining gas, rest, eating and potty, as much as possible.   If you need to stop in between, move to another lane and slow down in order to signal the sweep, point to the exit or your gas tank and then accelerate to the exit.  With Buddy! The sweep will then radio the lead to let him know a rider[s] has left the line and that he will be on the look out for them to catch-up.  Catch-up riders should then fall in at the end of their group until the next scheduled stop to regain their position.



  • Going through towns, we may need to tighten up from the stagger line to go “two up” (abreast) as much as is safe to let the line clear the lights quickly but safely.  THERE WILL BE NO ROAD GUARDS!  DO NOT RUN A LIGHT TO TRY TO KEEP UP.  If all riders do not make it through a set of lights the lead will slow the pace until sweep rider notifies that “catch – up” has been accomplished.



  • When riding staggered, especially on the Interstate system, riders should attempt to maintain a 2 to 3 second interval behind the machine directly to his/her front.  This will enable the inside (lane) rider the opportunity to pull across to the shoulder safely should that need arise.  With Buddy!



  • There will be a CB with headset most if not all the way at the lead, in the center and the sweep positions.  The center position radio should monitor all traffic & be prepared to relay between lead and sweep as necessary.



  • It is the responsibility of the number two man to keep a reign on the lead rider.  If the lead gets too fast a pace, the number two man should hold a safe speed for the rest of the line & letting the lead man go.



  • Mandatory Helmet law applies for our trip in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia.  



  • Hand Signals – Index finger up – Single file.  Index finger & little finger up and stationary– ride tandem (abreast).  Thumb and little finger up and waving back & forth – back to stagger formation.  Each rider should relay the hand signals back.



  • All riders should point, when safe to do so at road kill, pot holes, and other vehicles on the shoulder or additional hazards for trailing riders to avoid.



  • We will be riding through some beautiful scenery with areas that are heavily wooded on both sides.  All riders should be especially vigilant in those areas for deer on the sides either grazing or looking to cross the road.



  • We have a lot of experience on this ride!  I look forward to running with all of you.  Lets enjoy the journey and have a great ride & fellowship.




  • For H.O.G. Club members!  The H.O.G. Club will have three (3) event registration sites for you to get your card swiped to get your event pin.  May 27th  Ft. Washington Harley  (301) 248-1200,  9407 Livingston Rd.Ft. WashingtonMD, 9:00am – 4:00pm. May 27th Patriot Harley (703) 352-5400,  9739 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA,  9:00am – 4:00pm ; and, the Pentagon parking lot booth 7:00am – noon on May 28th 





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